Single Depot vs. Multiple Depots

You can place all version-controlled files in a single depot, or split them among multiple depots. In general, we advise storing all files for a given project in the same depot. By project, we mean all the programs and other software deliverables that share the same development/test/release procedures and the same release cycle. The procedures determine how a depot’s stream hierarchy will be structured. The release cycle determines how the stream hierarchy will be used.

If Project_X and Project_Y have completely different release cycles, then put their source files in different depots. Likewise, if Project_A requires stringent in-house regression testing and two levels of beta-testing, whereas Project_B is mandated to ship yesterday, use different depots.

Note: When using the include/exclude (cross-link) facility, you can have a single depot serve multiple partially-independent or totally independent projects. See Include/Exclude and Cross-Link Facilities.

AccuRev has no problem in storing thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of files in a single depot.