JIRA Enhancements

1102994 - Request for JIRA Data Center (JIRA 6 and JIRA7) support

A request for JIRA Data Center support was raised in the earlier release. This release provides Data Center (JIRA 6and JIRA 7)Support.

1104544 - AccuSync is doubling backslash characters transferred from JIRA to AccuWork

While synchronizing fields that contain backslash characters, AccuSync inserts double the character into the AccuWork issue. The issue has been resolved in the current release.

1105387 - AccuSync 2016.1 does not sync fields containing French characters correctly

AccuSync version upgrade from version 2015.1 to version 2016.1 resulted into the following problems:

  • AccuSync 2016.1 does not create AccuWork issues with correct field content when the corresponding field in an HPQC defect contains French characters.
  • The characters "éèêàâÉÊÂ&ùù" are translated to and displayed as "\u00E9\u00E8\u00EA\u00E0\u00E2\u00C9\u00CA\u00C2&\u00F9\u00F9" in AccuWork.
  • The same characters were displayed correctly with version 2015.1.

All these problems have been collectively solved, while addressing this issue in the current release.

1105392 - AccuSync does not handle line-breaks correctly

When there is a multi line description in JIRA, it gets displayed in AccuWork with a blank line above the third line. This issue has been resolved in the current release, AccuSync now handles line breaks correctly.

1105326 - AccuSync does not handle Umlauts correctly

he alphabet “u” with the umlaut (<alt>+0225 or <alt>+0220) is not synchronizing into AccuWork correctly. For example, the word "büg" appears as "b\u00FCg" in AccuWork. This issue has been resolved in the current release.

1102877 - Hide Change Package and Change Package History tab until AccuSync sync is performed

The tabs Hide Change Package and Change Package History can now be hidden until an AccuSync synchronization is performed.

1104346 - AccuSync not properly setting JIRA KEY and JIRA LINK after moving JIRA issues

After starting up the new synchronization, the issues created in the new depot from the synchronization have the JIRA KEY and JIRA LINK fields pointing to the correct new JIRA project in this release, instead of the old project as was the case in the earlier release.

1103517, 1103519 - After upgrading sync pattern trying to sync all old issues

After upgrading synchronization pattern, the old issues are no longer getting synchronized in this release.

1104760 - Many Synchronizations are being skipped, so JIRA issues are not syncing

JIRA issues are not synchronizing with AccuSync when two instances of JIRA run on the same server. This issue has been resolved in this release.

1104950, 1103996 - AccuSync with JIRA failing to handle custom fields correctly

AccuSync handles JIRA custom fields correctly in this release.

1103038 - AccuSync plugin for JIRA sometimes doesn't install custom fields in JIRA

The custom fields AccuWork Key, Link, CPK and CPK history would not get on a fresh installation of JIRA. This issue has been resolved in the current release.