General AccuSync Enhancements

These changes apply to all ITSs supported by AccuSync.

28838 - Issues can no longer be updated during synchronization

In previous releases, it was possible for users to change the status of issues displayed in the Errors table while a synchronization task was running. Deleting or ignoring an issue in this situation sometimes resulted in a database corruption. This problem has been corrected in the current release, and the Ignore Issue checkbox and the Delete are now disabled when a synchronization task is running.

31387 - Support for IBM Rational ClearQuest

AccuSync now supports IBM Rational ClearQuest 8.x. AccuSync synchronizes IBM Rational ClearQuest tasks and requests. Change package synchronization will be supported in a future release.

32098 - Search errors by ID

Pagination was introduced to the Errors table on the Status page of the AccuSync Management Console in the previous release. To this feature, AccuSync 2013.1 adds the ability to search errors by the issue ID. This allows you to quickly locate a synchronization error, rather than scrolling through pages of errors.

32507 - SDK enhancements

The AccuSync SDK, which was introduced in AccuSync 2013.4, has been updated for AccuSync 2014.1. Improvements include increased automation in the build and deploy process, and the SDK documentation has been enhanced with more robust procedures.