General Enhancements

1110809 - Invalid characters in XML from Atlassian JIRAis causing sync failure without any error message

Atlassian JIRA and AccuWork sync failed due to corruption caused by some UNICODE characters, no error message was displayed, which led to confusion. This issue has been rectified now.

1105038 - Sync failure issue record continued to grew in size in the database inspite of deletion from the AccuSync Management Console UI

Sync failure issues now get deleted from the database too on hitting the Delete button in the AccuSync Management Console UI.

631677 - Installer fixes required for seamless upgrade for 32-/64-bit

Backup and removing old Tomcat web server files and its references, updating garbage collection and services.

631678 - Tomcat web server upgrade to version 8.5.23

AccuSync now supports Apache Tomcat web server version 8.5.23.

631679 - JRE upgrade

JRE version has been upgraded to 1.8 v152.