HP ALM Enhancements

These changes apply to AccuSync for HP ALM only.

33218 - Link to HPQC record is set incorrectly by AccuSync

AccuSync set the HP ALM link in a different format than HP ALM uses. In this release, AccuSync set links in the appropriate format.

37474 - HP ALM fields are not being properly handled/understood

AccuSync is not handling various user-xx fields that are present in HP ALM. User field handling has been corrected.

36742 - HP ALM connections established and never close

Connections from AccuSync to HP ALM never close. The issue has been resolved in this release.

37146 - Creation of requirements into HP ALM should not include a hard-coded dev-comments

In this release, requirements no longer include the hard-coded developer comments.

36689 (2809422) - Sync one HP ALM project to multiple AccuWork schema

In this release, users can sync one HP ALM project with multiple AccuWork schema via multiple AccuSync configurations.