Installation Steps

  1. If you are currently using AccuSync, make sure you back up the database before installing the new version. See Back Up AccuSync and AccuBridge if you need help with this step.
  2. Verify that the machine on which you are installing AccuSync meets the requirements specified in Verify Prerequisites.
  3. Locate the local directory to which you downloaded and unpacked the installation package. See Download AccuSync Installation Packages.
  4. Start the installation wizard. See Ways to Run the AccuSync Installation Wizard. The installation wizard prepares for installation. When it is finished, it displays the Introduction to the AccuSync installation. An example of the GUI installation wizard is shown here:

  5. Begin the installation process:
    In the GUI Installation Wizard
    Click Next.
    In the Console Installation Wizard
    Press Enter.

    At this point, the installation wizard displays a series of pages that help you configure the installation and provide installation status. These pages are summarized here:

    License Agreement
    You must accept the terms of the license agreement before you can proceed with the installation.
    Choose Install Folder
    You can use the default installation folder chosen by the installation wizard, or you can specify your own.
    Choose Shortcut Folder
    You can choose whether or not you want to create shortcuts for AccuSync and where you want them displayed.
    Pre-Installation Summary
    You can review your installation settings before the installation wizard installs AccuSync.
    Installing AccuSync
    The installation wizard displays the progress of the AccuSync installation. You can cancel the installation at any time.
    Using AccuSync
    Displays a brief summary of commands you can use to start AccuSync following installation.
    Install Complete
    The installation wizard displays a message indicating whether or not the installation was successful. See What Gets Installed for more information.