General AccuSync Enhancements

These changes apply to all ITSs supported by AccuSync.

1105256 - AccuSync Error provides no useful information to correct configuration. No Sync

This issue has been fixed in the current release, now these errors are appearing in the logs

1105264 - AccuSync watermark not updating

AccuSync Watermark is now updating.

1100854 - Unable to stop sync pattern

The sync pattern can now be stopped without navigating to the server and shutting down AccuSync.

1102461- AccuSync is leaving behind temporary XML files from synchronization

AccuSync was leaving behind temporary XML files from synchronization, which eventually would fill the disk volume and causes operating system errors. This issue has been resolved in this release.

1103460 Adding a second email address causes error.

In the Send email to field, entering one or more email addresses (typically, addresses of AccuSync administrator or IT administrator) with a comma separator was not getting sent to anyone. This issue has now been relived.

1103720 - AccuSync changing Synchronization Frequency for Sync Pattern resets watermarks

Editing the synchronization frequency for a synchronization pattern would reset watermarks for both AccuWork and the third party ITS to their respective beginning points, which would require the synchronization pattern to process the changes all over again. This issue has been resolved in the current release.