JIRA Enhancements

44105 - Comment fields did not reflect updated data post - JIRA synchronization

The comment fields in AccuWork and JIRA are now reflecting the updates correctly.

1104445,1107453- AccuSync was unable to intelligently remove duplicate transaction and CPK data from third party issue tracking system.

This issue has been resolved.

45634 - Epic unlinking and SubTask unlinking were not working (applies to JIRA Agile 7 or JIRA Agile Agile plug-in)

Epic unlinking and SubTask unliking are now working perfectly.

1106112 - AccuSync would append the fields CPK (change pakage) and CPK history in the third party ITS resulting into duplicate data

AccuSync would duplicate information in the fields CPK and CPK history whenever the watermark was reset and a re-synchronization was performed. This duplication of information has been rectified.

1096646,1104346 -Moving an issue in JIRA would not update the AccuWork fields

If an issue was moved from one JIRA Agile project to another, it would maintain the AccuWork field values which were available in the previous JIRA Agile project, and would not trigger an update of the fields. This problem has been resolved, now both AccuWork and JIRA Agile fields are updated.

1107966, 1109537 - AccuSync Support for latest version of JIRA (7.0 to 7.3.6)

AccuSync 2017.1 supports JIRA Agile (7.0 to 7.3.6).

1108660 - JIRA project name containing ampersand (“&”) fail synchronization with AccuSync

If a JIRA project name had an ampersand (“&”) in it, during a synchronization an error would be generated resulting into failure of the synchronization. This issue has been resolved and additionally all the special characters are now supported.

1106779 - AccuSync configuration running fails to synchronize new JIRA Issues

The AccuSync configuration while still running, as seen in the main AccuSync Management Console, would stop synchronizing new JIRA Agile issues to AccuWork. The water marks for some Synchronization Patterns would stop getting updated while others continued to move on. This caused failure in synchronization, which has now been resolved.