General AccuSync Enhancements

These changes apply to all ITSs supported by AccuSync.

32221 - Synchronizations restart after rebooting

In previous releases, AccuSync would restart after the server on which it was running was rebooted, but any synchronizations that were running at the time would then have to be restarted manually. This situation has been improved in the current release, and you can configure AccuSync to automatically restart any synchronizations that are running when the server is rebooted. See Working with AccuSync Configurations, in the AccuSync Management Console for more information.

32241 - Unicode supported for project names

In previous releases, AccuSync did not properly handle unicode characters in project names, which resulted in synchronization errors. This problem has been corrected in the current release.

35288 - Improved logging

AccuSync logging has been improved to make it easier to identify projects that cannot be found by their reference. This can make it easier for Support to troubleshoot and resolve synchronization pattern configuration errors.