General AccuSync Enhancements

1109424 - Apache Tomcat version required upgrade

The Apache Tomcat version has been upgraded to version 8.5.14 in the current release,

45132 - JRE version upgrade

AccuSync The Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version has been upgraded to 1.8v121.

1110130 - AccuSync installed wrong version of tomcat - installed version 6 instead of version 8

In the current release AccuSync installs the correct version of Apache Tomcat .

1110224 - AccuSync did not install Apache Tomcat as a service on Microsoft Windows 7

In this release the issue has been resolved.

47353 - New Feature of AccuSync introduced - Back Up to and Restore from customized location

From this release, AccuSync can be backed up to a customized location and the same can be retrieved.

47227 - AccuSync Java 8 - Java Virtual Machine (JVM) Tuning

AccuSync JVM parameters have been tuned for optimal performance of AccuSync.