JIRA Enhancements

These changes apply to AccuSync for JIRA only.

32408, 32410 - Improved SOAP session management

In previous releases, AccuSync managed SOAP sessions inefficiently - creating new sessions for each login, instead of pooling and reusing existing sessions, and not closing sessions that were opened during specific synchronization tasks. Problems with AccuSync SOAP session management have been addressed in the current release.

Note: There are known issues with JIRA REST session management, which can be rectified by using JIRA versions 6.0.4 and later. See https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/JRA-31322 for more information.

Note, however, that

33313 - User name restrictions removed

In previous releases, AccuSync unnecessarily limited JIRA usernames to alphanumeric characters. These restrictions have been removed in the current release, and AccuSync now supports JIRA username naming conventions.