Status Page

Displays the status for the selected configuration. The Status table includes the following fields:
Server Status
Displays the servers associated with the selected configuration. When you select a server, the Last transaction watermark field displays the watermark for the last transaction. You can use the Change Watermark button to change the watermark.
Synchronization Pattern
Displays a list of all the synchronization patterns associated with the selected configuration. When you select a synchronization pattern the Errors table displays the errors, if any, associated with that synchronization pattern.

Errors Table

The Errors table includes the following fields and controls:

Search issue number
Allows you to locate an issue directly, rather than scrolling through the Errors table.
Delete Error
Check box that, when selected, allows you to delete the error. When you delete an error, AccuSync evaluates the associated issue during the next synchronization.
Last Occurred
The date AccuSync last encountered this error.
Error Message
A brief description of the error AccuSync encountered when running the selected synchronization pattern.
Issue Number
The issue number that triggered the error.
Ignore Issue
Check box that, when selected, instructs AccuSync to ignore this issue the next time synchronization is run. AccuSync ignores selected issues until you clear this checkbox.

For more information, see Setting Watermarks and Error Reporting.