Running the Restore Utility

Note: The location of the Restore command assumes that you accepted the Shortcut Folder default values during installation.
  1. Stop the AccuSync Server. See AccuSync Server if you need help with this step.
  2. Start the restore utility:
    Microsoft Windows
    Click Start > All Programs > AccuSync > AccuSync Restore.
    Click the AccuSync_Restore shortcut on your desktop.
    Navigate to the bin directory where you installed AccuSync and run the restore.bat (Microsoft Windows) or (Linux) file.

    Regardless of how you start the restore utility, AccuSync opens a console that displays a message reminding you to stop the AccuSync Server. It then displays all the backups in the AccuSync backup directory in an ordered list (the order in which they were created). The following prompt appears:

    Select the backup you want to restore:
  3. Type the number associated with the backup you want to restore and press Enter. The db directory is restored to the AccuSync installation directory (c:\Program Files (x86)\AccuSync\db, for example).
  4. Restart the AccuSync Server. See AccuSync Server.