Specifying Nested Project Names (Rally Only)

AccuSync supports nested Rally projects for as many levels as are defined in Rally. For example, in Rally, Project_Dev may contain a sub-project, Project_Dev2, and Project_Dev2 may contain a sub-project, Project_Dev2A.

Rally permits multiple projects of the same name within the same Rally workspace. For example, Workspace1 in Rally may contain Project_1 with sub-project Project_ABC and it may also contain Project_2 with another sub-project also named Project_ABC. When multiple projects have the same name, you must define the project name with the full path in the AccuWork schema.

Specifying Rally Project Names in the AccuWork Schema

For multiple projects having the same name within a workspace, you must specify the full pathname of the project in the AccuWork schema. Use the pipe character | to define the pathname. For example: Project_1|Project_ABC.

Note: If the name of a child project is not used by another project, it is not necessary to specify the full pathname.

The following illustration shows several Rally projects specified in the AccuWork schema. The two projects that have the same name (Project_ABC) are defined with their full pathnames. For more information about the AccuWork schema, see the AccuRev User’s Guide.