New Field Mapping Dialog Box

You use the New Field Mapping dialog box to specify how you want AccuWork fields mapped to the fields in your ITS issue record, as well as whether you want that synchronization to be two-way or one-way, and whether or not you want field values transformed during synchronization.


AccuWork Field
The name of the AccuWork field you want to map to the field in your ITS issue.
ITS Field
The name of the field in your ITS that you want to map to the field in AccuWork.
Synchronization direction
Whether you want AccuSync to perform a two-way or one-way synchronization on this field. The default is two-way.
Master ITS
For one-way synchroniztions, the ITS (AccuRev or your ITS) whose issue record values you want to use to update values in the other system.
An optional utility that transforms the values in one system so that it is acceptable in the system in which it is being synchronized. For example, you might have a transformer that trims the suffix from user names for compatibility with AccuRev.
Transformer configuration
Allows you to select a mapping group to be used by the transformer. For example, a mapping group would allow you to substitute j.hasler for haslerj if the same user has two equivalent usernames.

For more information, see Creating a Field Mapping, Transformers, and Creating a Mapping Definition.