Rally: Predefined Transformers

AccuSync includes these predefined transformers for Rally:

Rally Discussion to AccuWork Comments (Text) Transformer
Retains any formatting used in Rally Discussion and AccuWork Comments fields.
Rally Username to AccuWork Username Mapper
For Rally to AccuWork synchronizations, strips the email suffix (specified as part of the Rally connection) from Rally usernames so they can be added to AccuWork. For AccuWork to Rally synchronizations, the email suffix is added to the username before the name is added to Rally.

For example, if @accurev.com is specified as the email suffix, when a Rally issue with the username hrondo@accurev.com is synchronized with AccuRev, the AccuWork issue is given the user hrondo. See Creating the AccuWork and ITS Connections for more information on specifying the email suffix.

Note: You can use a mapping group with this transformer to override its default behavior. You might need to do this if the same user was defined using different usernames on the systems you are synchronizing (jhasler on one, and haslerj on the other, for example). In this case, AccuSync would use the mapping group to ensure that jhasler was synchronized as haslerj, in addition to performing the usual email suffix conversion.