Synchronization Patterns Summary

The following table summarizes the synchronization patterns included in the default configuration.

If you create a new AccuSync Configuration (as opposed to using the default configuration), you need to create one synchronization pattern for each type of issue you want AccuSync to synchronize. Separate synchronization patterns must be created to manage change package information for each type.

Note: You can name these synchronization patterns as you choose.
Synchronization Pattern Name Mapping Definition Type Frequency
SyncDefects DefectMapping two-way 1 minute
SyncDefectCpk cpkDefectMapping one-way (AccuWork Master) 1 minute
SyncStory StoryMapping two-way 1 minute
SyncStoryCpk cpkStoryMapping one-way (AccuWork Master) 1 minute
SyncTask TaskMapping two-way 1 minute
SyncTaskCpk CpkTaskMapping one-way (AccuWork Master) 1 minute