Specifying Rally Project Names by End-users in AccuWork

When a user enters an issue in AccuWork to be synchronized with Rally, the user selects the Rally Project name in an AccuWork field. The Rally Project name selections shown in the list are as specified in the AccuWork schema. (See Specifying Nested Project Names (Rally Only).)

For nested Rally Projects that have the same name as other projects in the workspace, the choices for Rally project should show the full pathname for projects as they were set up in the AccuWork schema. Use the pipe character | to define the pathname. For example: Project_1|Project_ABC.

If the Rally Project field has been set up as a Text type field (rather than a Choose type field) the end user enters the Rally project name. In this case, the end user should be instructed to enter the full pathname for the Rally project if the project has the same name as another project. Example: Project_1|Project_ABC.

If, during synchronization, AccuSync detects that an issue in AccuWork does not have the necessary full path for a duplicate Rally project name, an error message displays.