Configuring Cache for Caliber Review

Caliber Review uses caching to efficiently retrieve Projects and Filters. With caching enabled, the Caliber Review server will query the Caliber Data Server every 10 minutes. With caching enabled users will not see new Projects and Filters in Caliber Review for up to 10 minutes. In a small installation (approximately 20 projects/filters), caching may not provide much benefit or the users may want to see Projects and Filters created immediately.

To disable caching the administrator:

  1. Stop the Caliber Review service.
  2. Edit (default directory is dir\lib\ in a text editor.
  3. Change "useCache.projectList=true" to be "useCache.projectList=false".
  4. Change "useCache.filterList=true" to be "useCache.filterList=false".
  5. Save the changes.
  6. Restart the Caliber Review service.
By disabling caching, users may notice the project list and the filter lists takes longer to retrieve. However, they will see Projects and Filters immediately after they have been created.