Enabling Windows Session Credentials Log on

Caliber supports using the active Windows session credentials for user authentication in Caliber clients and Caliber Review. This type of login is only enabled when Caliber Data Server is configured to support this feature (by default it is not enabled). To enable Windows Session Credential login, follow the steps listed below for each Caliber Data Server:
  1. Configure the Caliber Data Server to use Directory Services (LDAP integration).
  2. Create the following registry key on the Caliber Data Server:
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Borland\CaliberRM\11.5\Server\DirectoryServices\ IntegratedWindowsAuthentication

    Keys must be created as a DWORD.

  3. Set the newly created key value as needed, "1" for enable, "0" for disable. This key is not created by the installer.
  4. Restart the Caliber Data Server.
When properly configured, the messages:
  • LDAP Directory Services are enabled.
  • IntegratedWindowsAuthentication feature is available and configured correctly
will appear in the Caliber Data Server log on startup.

Windows Session Credential authentication is only supported for Caliber users defined with an "Authentication type" of LDAP. This setting is configured per Caliber user in Caliber Administrator. Additional information on enabling LDAP can be found in the Enabling LDAP topic of this document.

Caliber Review support for Windows Session Credentials requires additional configuration on the Caliber Review server. See the Caliber Installation guide for details.