Installing Data Server

You cannot upgrade from the 32-bit Data Server to the 64-bit Data Server. You must uninstall the 32-bit Data Server before installing the 64-bit Data Server.

Note: If you are doing a silent installation on a machine with more than one hard drive, Caliber installer puts both certificate directories (trustpoints and identities) in the main directory of the additional hard drive, for example: E:\trustpoints, E:\identities. Secure modes will fail because the certificates must be in C:\ProgramData directory. The issue occurs only when silent installation is run. To avoid this issue, in the silent installer command, include ROOTDRIVE=C: option.
  1. Close all Windows programs.
  2. Run the Caliber Data Server executable from the location where you saved the downloaded 64-bit Data Server installation.
  3. Select the language and click OK. The Caliber Installation Wizard starts and the Welcome screen displays. If you do not have the correct version of Microsoft Visual C++, you will be prompted to install. Click Install.
  4. Click Next. The License Agreement screen displays.
  5. Read the license agreement carefully, and select I accept the terms in the license agreement if you agree to the terms.
  6. Click Next. The Customer Information screen displays.
  7. Type a User Name and Organization.
  8. Click Next. The Destination Folder screen appears.
  9. Click the Change button if you want to change the location where the component is installed. The default install location for the data server is C:\Borland\CaliberServer
  10. Click Next. The License Keys screen appears.
  11. If you are installing an evaluation copy of Caliber, click Next and proceed to the next step. If you are installing a purchased copy of Caliber, click Edit next to the Caliber License Key text box.
  12. Enter in your license key and click Validate Key.
  13. Click Next. The MPX Configuration screen displays.
  14. To enable MPX events, select the Enable MPX Events option.
    Note: Enabling MPX events is optional. For MPX Service added value.
  15. To designate where the MPX events are published, select an option:
    • Publish MPX events to this machine: Select this option If you do not have StarTeam Message Broker installed. Select Install StarTeam Message Broker after Caliber installation completes check box. For more information on installing the StarTeam Message Broker, refer to Installing MPX Services.
    • Publish MPX events to a different machine: Select this option if the StarTeam Message Broker is, or will be, installed on another machine. Enter the name or IP address of the alternate machine.

    If you do not enable MPX events at first, but decide to at a later time, refer to Installing MPX Services.

  16. Click Next. The System Configuration screen displays.
  17. If you do not want to install a sample database, select Blank Database option. This option will not install project samples. The default is to install a sample database with five sample projects.
    Note: The default database name is SQMDB. The database name should not include non-English characters.
  18. Click Next. The Ready to Install the Program screen displays.
    Note: If you are attempting to install Caliber on an unsupported or non-server operating system, a warning message displays at the bottom of the screen. Before you can proceed, you must select the check box indicating you are aware that your installation is not supported. Please review the system requirements for Caliber in the readme file.
  19. Click Install. Click Cancel to cancel the installation at any time. Setup begins installing files and displays a status bar to show progress.
  20. Click Finish to exit the Install Wizard. Setup displays the Caliber Installer Information screen.
  21. Click Yes to restart your system immediately, or No to restart later.
    Note: You must restart your machine for the changes to take effect. Logging off and on again is insufficient. After you restart your machine, the Caliber data server starts.
    Important: If you change the IP address of the Caliber data server, you must restart the server.