Viewing the Diagram

To view the Traceability Diagram for a specific requirement, select Tools > Traceability Diagram from the menu, or the click the Traceability Diagram button on the toolbar. These items are only available when a requirement is selected in the tree.

The Traceability Diagram window opens and displays the traceability links to and from the requirement selected in the requirement tree.

The selected requirement is located in the center of the diagram and underlined in green. Other objects in the diagram include requirements, StarTeam, Select Enterprise, Quality Center and SCM objects that are represented by their associated file type icon. The trace to objects are located to the right of the target, while the trace from objects are located to the left. The arrows represent the direction of the trace.

You can move objects around in the graph to more easily view the objects of interest. To move an object, click on the object and drag it to the desired location in the diagram. To more easily recognize objects in the diagram, there are three identifiers that can be switched on and off using the view/hide buttons on the toolbar. They are: