Configuring StarTeam Agile with Caliber

  1. Launch Administrator, select Project > view. Click the External Traceability tab. Select StarTeam Agile.
  2. Click Edit. The Edit Integration dialog box appears.
  3. Click Modify to configure. The Configuration for StarTeam Agile text editor appears.
  4. Type the server name/IP. The text file is empty the first time you configure.
    Note: If the server name/IP is invalid, you will receive an error message when you attempt to connect to StarTeam Agile. If you enter the server name/IP of the StarTeam Agile server that is switched off, you will receive the message "Server is not available".
  5. Click Import if you already have a configuration file. Browse to the existing config file with the StarTeam Agile server name.
  6. Click OK. The Delivery Status tab appears in Caliber Author when selecting a requirement for the enabled projects.