Configuring Caliber Visualize to use Windows Session Credentials

Caliber Visualize provides the ability to leverage a user's Windows Session Credentials to enable automatic login. By default, Caliber Visualize is not configured for Windows Session Credentials. This support requires the following steps to be enabled:
  • Configure the Caliber Data Server to support Windows Session Credential authentication. Directions are available in the Enabling Windows Session Credentials topic of the Caliber help.
  • Create the keytab file for the Caliber Visualize server to support Kerberos Authentication. See Creating a Kerberos Keytab.
  • Create a Kerberos configuration file. See Creating a Kerberos Configuration File.
  • Configure Caliber Visualize server to enable Windows Session Credentials. See Configuring Caliber Visualize server to enable Windows Session Credentials.
  • Configure each user's web browser to enable Windows authentication. See Configuring Windows Browser.
The Kerberos administrator should deliver four items to the Caliber Visualize administrator, which are covered in the topics that follow:
  • Kerberos keytab file
  • Kerberos configuration file
  • Kerberos SPN
  • Kerberos encryption type

For Caliber Administrator

In order for the links for Caliber Visualize in Caliber Author and Caliber Review to use Windows Session Credential authentication, make sure that you use the full qualified domain name (not the IP address and not the short name) for the Visualize URL, like , when configuring Caliber Visualize projects from Caliber Administrator Tool.