Opening Publisher to StarTeam

To open Publisher to StarTeam

  1. From the Windows Desktop, choose Start > Caliber > Administration > StarTeam Publisher .

    The Publisher to StarTeam Property List dialog box appears. The first time you start open Publisher to StarTeam, the contents of the Property List dialog box will be blank.

  2. In the Property List dialog box, click New to open the StarTeam Publisher Wizard.

    The StarTeam Publisher Wizard enables you to define the Caliber and StarTeam server and project information, select the requirements to publish, and specify a mapping of the requirement properties between the two products.

    Tip: You can also open Publisher to StarTeam in the Caliber client window by choosing Tools > Publish To StarTeam , or by clicking the Publish to StarTeam toolbar button. In this case, Publisher to StarTeam assumes you want to use the current Caliber server, project and baseline for the source, and skips the Caliber Properties page wizard. To change the Caliber server, project, or baseline, click Back to open the Caliber Properties page and modify the information. Otherwise, skip the next section of this procedure called "To specify the Caliber properties" and go directly to the steps called "To select the Caliber requirements" This will load in the properties and mappings used from the previous time for this Caliber server and project.