Prompting User for Change Version Type

  1. Open the Caliber Administrator.
  2. Click (Projects). The Projects view appears.
  3. Select a project from the tree.
  4. Click the Project Info tab.
  5. Check the Requirement saves require Major/Minor setting. Users will be required to choose whether their change is major (1.0, 2.0, 3.0, etc.) or minor (1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc.) in the Revision Change Level dialog box that appears after entering the change description in the Enter a Comment dialog box.
    Other modifications that cause versions to change are handled as follows:
    • Requirement Grid: Multiple changes through Requirement Grid at one time prompt for major/minor version.
    • Cut/Paste: Cutting and pasting requirements automatically creates a minor version increment. All previous versions in the history record are preserved. Users are not prompted with a dialog box.
    • Copy/Paste: Copying and pasting requirements automatically creates a major version (1.0). Users are not prompted with a dialog box.

      When a requirement is Paste Special into new location, a major version (1.0) is assigned to pasted requirement. If the Create trace from copied requirement to pasted requirement option is selected, a trace back to the original requirement is created. The created trace is noted by a minor revision history record. Users are not prompted with a dialog box.

    • Traces: Adding a requirement trace prompts users for major/minor. The version selection is added to the trace history record for both requirements.
    • Delivery Status: Adding external traces to other tools prompts users for major/minor version selection.
    • User Defined Attributes: Modifying user defined attributes prompts users for major/minor. User's selection overrides Increment major revision number setting of the UDA.
    • Delete: The Major/Minor confirmation dialog does not appear when deleting a requirement.
    • SDK: The SDK does not support user specified major/minor increments.