Specifying Caliber Properties

To specify the Caliber properties

  1. On the Caliber Properties page, enter the name for the property file (.calst) that will be created by the wizard.
  2. Enter the Caliber Server Address, your User Name and Password.
  3. Enter the Caliber server name in the Mapping Address field to map the Caliber server.
    Note: You can leave the field blank if you know for sure that your server would not be moved or renamed or if there would not be change in the domain.
  4. Click Log On to connect to the Caliber server.

    A message appears telling you when you have successfully logged on to Caliber. Also, the Project field is enabled.

  5. On the Project drop-down list, select a Caliber Project to use as the source for the requirements.

    The Baseline field becomes enabled.

  6. On the Baseline drop-down list, select a project baseline to use.
  7. Check Create Trace if you want traceability between the Caliber and StarTeam requirements.
  8. Click Next to select which requirements to publish.