Viewing Traces

Requirement traceability is supported to allow you to see relationships between requirements and other related development and testing information. The Traceability Explorer displays all traces and allows you to modify the traces to or from Caliber requirements.

  1. Access the Traceability Explorer with one of the many access options:
    • Click the Traceability Explorer button on the Scenarios, Simulations, Scenario Designer, or Simulation Designer toolbar.
    • Select a scenario, simulation, or screen and click the Traceability tab on the Details dialog. Click the Traceability Explorer link.
    • In the tree, right-click the scenario or simulation, and choose Traceability.
    • From within the Scenarios or Simulation tab or Scenario or Simulation Designer or scenario, right-click an item, and choose Traceability.
    The Traceability Explorer appears.
  2. Double-click a requirement trace to view it in Caliber. Caliber opens to the selected trace item.
    Note: Caliber Visualize only opens integrated traces to Caliber. It will not open any other integration, such as StarTeam.
  3. Double-click a file trace to open the file.
  4. Click Refresh to review the traces listed in the Traceability Explorer.
  5. Select a trace and click Delete to remove it.