Requirement Objects

Requirements are represented in the Traceability Diagram by a requirement icon. Double-clicking a requirement icon selects it in the requirement tree and makes it the focus of the new diagram.

Right-clicking a requirement icon displays a pop-up menu containing two selections: Go to and Properties. Selecting Go to selects the it in the requirement tree and refreshes the Traceability Diagram to make requirement the focus of the new diagram. Selecting Properties opens the Properties dialog box. The Properties dialog box displays the following information:

Note: The Properties dialog box can move, resize, minimize, maximize, and restore to the previous view. Multiple Properties can be viewed at the same time. (See related information on the Properties detail and UDA views).
Suspect Links
Suspect links are indicated by a red arrow with a black question mark centered on the arrow.
Circular Traces
A circular trace occurs when an object traces back to itself directly or indirectly. When Caliber detects a circular trace, the diagram for that branch stops and the circular trace indicator is displayed on the diagram, as shown on the following page.