Publishing Requirements to StarTeam

To publish the requirements to StarTeam

  1. On the Property Mapping page, click Finish.
    • If you used the Windows Start menu to open Publisher to StarTeam, you are returned to the Property List dialog box. Select a saved property file from the property file list and click Run.
    • If you started Publisher to StarTeam from Caliber, when you click Finish, the publishing process begins immediately.

    A status window displays showing progress of the publishing process.

  2. Click Close when the process stops and you see the word Done in the status window.
Note: You can also run (or edit) a previously saved property file from the Publisher to StarTeam Wizard menu if you start the wizard from the Caliber Author. On the wizard menu, choose File > Open and select the property file in the Select A Property File dialog box.

When you publish requirements to StarTeam, the Publisher to StarTeam Wizard creates the files ".calst" and "CalStPublisher_[property file name].stjava" file in the " C:\Program Files\Borland\Caliber " folder based on the property file name you specified. It uses the following file naming convention: CalStPublisher_[property file name].stjava

The Publisher to StarTeam Wizard also creates an .html log file in the same folder for every publishing session you run. This log file contains a summary report of parameter details and debug information, including errors and exceptions during execution.

Tip: You can publish requirements to StarTeam directly from the command-line or Windows Explorer by running the [file name].stjava executable file.