Creating Document Factory Reports from the Requirements Grid

To create a Document Factory report from the Grid

  1. In the Requirement Grid window, click Reports .
  2. Click Document Factory.
  3. In the Document Factory wizard window:
    • Select a file from the list in the Template box. The drop-down list allows you to make a selection from the most recently used templates. By default, there are five files in the list. This number is determined by your administrator. To open the selected template to check it or make any edits before running Document Factory, click the Word icon.
    • In the Save Document As box, enter a path and name for your new document, click the Browse button to navigate to a previously created document or leave blank.
    • To generate a log file for the report, check the check box.
  4. Click Next. In the Document Factory wizard window:

    Choose the date format that you would like to use: Short Date or Long Date.

  5. Click Next. In the Document Factory wizard window:
    • Choose the data from which you would like to create the document. If you choose to use data from the Caliber server, you can also choose to save the current data to use again with a different template.
    • If you want to create a file with an encrypted password that can be used for scheduling, select the Create a configuration file only check box. This creates the file commandline.ini that can be used to run Document Factory from the command line or placed in a batch file for scheduling purposes. If you choose this option, Document Factory does not create a Word document from your template, but creates the .ini file only.
    • If you want to display images, OLE objects, tables and formatted text included the requirement descriptions, select the Requirement description will include formatted text, tables and images check box.
    • If you do not want OLE objects to link from the Document Factory report, select Only Display Image for OLE Objects. This option will decrease file size and reduce processing time.
  6. Click Finish. If your template does not specify which project and/or baseline to use, you are prompted to select them