Viewing Requirement History Record

A history record for each requirement is maintained. The history record assigns revision numbers and keeps a list of changes for each revision. All changes made to a requirement, including changes to specific attributes, the requirement description, status, priority and more are recorded in the requirement’s history.

To view the history of a requirement

  1. select the requirement and click the History tab.

    The history record is made up of two parts: the Revisions list and the Changes list. The upper window contains the Revisions list. Each entry in the revisions list contains the following fields:

    • Rev #: When a change is made, the revision number is automatically updated. The change may cause a major or minor revision number change. An administrator determines this when attributes types are defined.
    • Date/time: The date and time the change was made.
    • Changed by: The userid or name of the person who made the change.
    • Comment: If a supporting comment is entered at the time the change is saved, it is displayed here.
  2. You can sort the revision list in ascending order by revision number, date/time, user or comment by clicking on the appropriate header.
  3. Click the header a second time to sort in descending order.
  4. The first entry in the list is the requirement creation entry. It is assigned a revision number of 1.0.

    The bottom window displays a list of changes for the revision selected in the upper window. Entries in the change list contain the following fields.

    • Attribute: the changed field
    • Changed from: the original data
    • Changed to: the new data