Assigning Responsible Users

Users that are accountable for the completion of a requirement are assigned responsibility for that requirement. Typically, several individuals are assigned to each requirement. For example, the business analyst who created the requirement is assigned, as well as a developer, tester and manager. When requirements are changed, the users assigned to them are notified in order to keep development on track.

Administrators enable Automatic notification in the Caliber Administrator. See related procedures on “Enabling Automatic Notification”.

To assign responsible users to a requirement:

  1. Select the requirement to which you want to assign users.
  2. Click the Responsibilities tab. The Responsibilities tab displays project groups and member selection boxes.
    Note: The lists are limited by the group membership assigned for the project in Caliber Administrator.
  3. Expand or collapse a list by clicking the plus (+) or minus (-) sign to the left of the group/member name. A gray check box next to a group indicates that at least one member of that group has been selected.
  4. To select all members of a group, select the check box to the left of that group.

    To select only certain members of a group, select the check box to the left of each member you want to assign.

    Note: To display users first in the tree, select the Display in Member/Group order check box. To assign a user that is a member of multiple groups, but only as a responsible member of one of those groups, select that group’s check box.
  5. Once a user is assigned, that person is notified by email of specific events, as defined in Administrator. See related procedures on “Setting Up Automatic Notification” for more information on automatic notification.
  6. Repeat Steps 3-5 to assign users from each group as needed.
  7. Save your changes by selecting Requirement > Save Changes from the menu.
  8. To delete changes, select Requirement > Cancel Changes from the menu.
  9. If the Comment dialog box is displayed, enter a comment about the change and click OK.
    Note: You can also assign users from the Requirement Grid. See related procedures on “Modifying Requirements from the Grid”.