Generating URL for a requirement or project

URL addressability feature generates URL for a requirement. This URL will initiate the Desktop client and take you to the requirement.

Note: You must have a client installed on a machine where you try to navigate to the URL.

To change your password:

  1. Right click on a requirement or project and choose Copy URL to Clipboard, the URL of the requirement or project is copied to clipboard.
  2. Paste the URL to a browser (Windows Explorer works best) to launch an existing instance of Caliber.

    The browser points to the specified project ID or requirement ID belonging the given project id and baseline Id as specified in the URL.

  3. If using Caliber Author, connecting to the specified server is instantiated. When invoking the URL, the same instance will be used. If the URL points to a different server, a new instance is opened and the user is prompted for login details.
Note: If the password you are attempting to use fails to meet the criteria, or if you are not allowed to change your password, you will receive message. See related information on 'Changing Password'.