Creating Traces Between Requirements and Software Artifacts

You can create traces to or from external software artifacts such as StarTeam change requests, requirements, files and tasks, SilkCentral or HP Quality Center test cases, Together designs (you must create traces between requirements and Together designs in Together. Once created in Together, and you can view the traces and properties of Together designs in Caliber.

To create traces to or from external software artifacts

  1. In Caliber, select the Traceability tab for the requirement to trace.
  2. Click the Modify button. The Traceability Modification window appears.
  3. Select the tab that corresponds to the artifact.
  4. Depending on the artifact to create a trace to/from, click the Trace From or Trace To button on the toolbar to change the direction of the trace.
  5. Click the Save As button to save the trace.
Note: The status of the external artifacts are displayed under the external status column of the Traceability tab.