Assigning Glossaries

Assigning a Glossary to a Project

To assign a glossary to a project:

  1. In Caliber Administrator , select the project to which you want to assign a glossary.
  2. Select the Glossaries tab. The tab displays a list of all of the selected (assigned) and available glossaries.
  3. Select the glossary you want to associate with the project from the Available list.
    Note: Use the Shift key to select a range of glossaries, or the Ctrl key to select multiple glossaries individually.
  4. Click the Move Left button to move the glossary to the Selected list.
    Note: Click the Move All Left button to assign all the glossaries in the Available list to the Selected list at once.
  5. Use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to arrange the order of the glossaries. The order of the list determines the order in which Caliber searches the glossaries, and the color order that is displayed when there are identical terms in multiple glossaries.
  6. Click the Save button to save the project. The glossary is assigned to the project.