Requirement access is determined by the project security level. Projects may or may not have security enabled. Once a project security is enabled, user access to requirements is defined by security profiles assigned to user groups for that project. Security profiles are defined once in the Caliber server and can be reused by all projects in that server.

As an administrator, you must make a decision about what type of security your enterprise needs.

There are essentially two security models:

Once you have determined which security method your enterprise will use, you can modify the default profile or start creating new security profiles. Security is disabled by default, and you must enable it on a per project basis.

Enforcing Security for a Project

Security profiles are created in Caliber Administrator and enforced and disabled in the requirements manager by individual project. You must have administrator privileges at least to enforce security. Administrators can also modify security profiles. To enable or disable security for a project, select the appropriate option button in the Security area of the Project Info tab.