Caliber Administrator

The Administrator which is a Software Quality Management (SQM) Framework is a central communications framework for the requirements manager and integrated products. The Caliber Administrator controls administrative functions, including users, groups, projects, licensing, security and automatic notification.

Before users can begin entering requirements, you must first define projects and set up users and groups in the Caliber Administrator.

The Caliber Administrator contains four views, each of which allows you to perform specific tasks. The views available are:

Project view

The Project View lists all projects and displays specific information for a selected project, including general project information, users and groups assigned to the project, project baselines and project integrations.

User view

The User View lists all users and displays specific information for a selected user, including name, title, department, phone and fax numbers, email address, group membership and password.

Group view

The Group View lists all groups and displays specific information for a selected group, including name, description and members.

User Connections Monitor View

The User Connections Monitor provides information to administrators about the identity and the number of connected users for the server.