Filtering Columns in the Requirement Grid

To filter the requirement grid

  1. In the Requirement Grid window, click Requirements.
  2. Click Column Filter.
  3. Select the Column you want to filter from the drop-down list.
  4. Select an operator from the first Conditions drop-down list (i.e., begins with, equals, greater than, etc.).
  5. Enter the text to filter on, or select from the drop-down list if applicable.
  6. Select the And or Or option button to enter a second filter condition.
    Note: And displays the requirements that meet both criteria. Or displays the requirements that meet one or both of the conditions.
  7. Click OK. The filtered grid is displayed.

    The filtered columns are displayed with a filter symbol in the header. You can create a second filter by repeating the steps above.

    To remove a filter, right-click the column header and select Remove Column Filter. To return to the original view, click the Remove filter button. All filters are removed.