Drag and Drop File Creation

You can use a drag-and-drop operation to create a file shortcut from a requirement. Drag a requirement outside of the requirement tree window and drop it into any window that accepts an Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) file (for example, Microsoft Word or a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator, etc.) to create the file shortcut. The file created is associated with the RM icon and has the requirement’s name as the file name and a .crm file name extension.

The file contains the ServerName, ProjectID and RequirementID.

You can also use a drag-and-drop operation to move a previously created .crm file into a project. To move a .crm file, click on the file and drag and drop it into the desired location in the requirement tree.

Select Tools > Options from the menu and modify the file location specified on the Clipboard tab to select the directory in which the file is placed.

Note: Depending on where the file is dropped, you can create a link to the location where the .crm file was actually created (that is, the destination location on the Clipboard tab). The Windows Temp Directory is the default location for the .crm files. When you double-click on a .crm file, the requirements manager is launched and the requirement is displayed.