Importing Glossaries

You can import a predefined glossary of terms into an existing glossary or a new glossary. The import file must be an .xml file. Caliber accepts all Universal Transfer Format 8 (UTF-8) characters.

To import a glossary:

  1. Select File > Admin > Glossaries from the menu. The Glossaries list dialog box is displayed.
  2. If you want to import terms into a new glossary, click New. If you want to import terms into an existing glossary, select that glossary and click Modify. The Glossary edit dialog box is displayed.
  3. If creating a new glossary, enter a name and color.
  4. Click Import. The Import Glossary Terms dialog box is displayed.
  5. Enter in the name of the file you want to import, or click the Browse button to navigate to the file.
  6. Click OK. The terms now appear in your glossary.