Command Switches

DB Manager uses command line switches to run each utility. The switches and their usage are detailed in the table below.

All commands except for the Detailed Help command require that all users be logged off.
Switch Switch Usage
dbmgr –? Detailed Help explains the commands and switches
dbmgr –addvol Add Volume

extends the size of a database as it nears maximum capacity

dbmgr –backup Database Backup backs up your database
dbmgr –dropclass Dropclass drops unreferenced objects from the database; needed after an upgrade
dbmgr –fix Fix Links repairs any broken links in the database after you scan the database
dbmgr –free Free Space displays the amount of free space in the database; useful for determining whether the Add Volume or Optimize Commands should be performed
dbmgr –new <–sample or –empty> <dbname> Create Database Command creates a new database ready for use; the sample switch loads the Automated Teller Machine sample database
dbmgr –scan Database Scan scans the database for bad links and prints the information
dbmgr –start Start Database starts a server and database
dbmgr –stop Stop Database stops a server and database
dbmgr –upgrade Upgrade Database upgrades the current database to the current version; performed automatically during an install