General Tab

Under the Tools menu, there are several system options that you can set for your client. The options are listed by tab order. The section here describes the options under general tab.

Item Description
Save settings on exit Saves system settings, including last item selected, window size and window position, when exiting Caliber.
Show unread discussion list on start Shows the Unread Discussion List upon launching Caliber.
Mark reference documents as “read only” after saving Helps prevent others from modifying referenced documents outside the Caliber user interface.
Confirm before saving Displays a confirmation dialog box asking if you want to save the requirement you have modified when you select a new item. This option is selected by default.
Ask for comment when saving requirement Displays the Comment dialog box when you save changes to a requirement.
Show reference-related messages Displays a dialog box every time you create or remove references to text within a document.
Single-click on selected requirement initiates rename Determines whether or not you can rename an requirement in the list by selecting it and then single-clicking on it, as in Windows Explorer.
By default when creating child requirement, create the trace to parent Automatically creates a trace between a parent requirement and a new child requirement. Disabled by default.
Enable logging (requires restart of Caliber Author) Allows Caliber to create a log. Logs can be used to troubleshoot errors.
Enable Requirements Grid Paging Returns Document Factory filter results and Requirements Grid filter results with the ability to page through the results instead of returning all results at once.
Show server filter at current project level Returns the saved server filters that are defined for current project use, excluding those with the Project criteria explicitly defined for non-current projects. The returned filter list is displayed in the drop-down list under Rows in the Grid Filter dialog box, the drop-down lists under Rows and Columns in the Traceability Filter dialog box, and the Available Filters list in the Filter Manager dialog box. The server filters that do not include any Project criteria are considered for all projects.
Note: This feature recognizes the Project criteria defined using the "Equals" operator. All the other operators are ignored.
Description Compare Method When running a requirement comparison, Caliber compares the description with one of two options:
Considers the entire word when comparing differences. This form of comparison provides a cleaner difference markup.
Compares character changes per letter, symbol, and punctuation. This form of comparison can break in the middle of the word and be more difficult to view differences due to the cluttered markup. However, this form of comparison provides an exact representation of the changes made.