Backing up Database

Restoring and testing your backups helps to ensure that your data is being backed up correctly. This does not require that you shut down the server.

Be sure to verify your backups periodically. Micro Focus recommends that you backup the production server and restore and test backups of project data on a test system.

To back up the database

  1. Log on as the database administrator (DBA) to the machine where the database resides.
    Note: You can determine the DBA by opening a command prompt and entering dbuser -list sqmdb.
    Using the incorrect account could result in a backup file that contains incorrect or no data.
    Note: The user name is case sensitive and must be exactly the same as used when the database was created.

    The install utility created a directory called \Caliber_Backup in the root of the drive where you installed the server. This is the default (preferred) location for the backup file.

  2. Select Start > Programs > Command Prompt.
  3. At the prompt enter dbmgr -backup to backup the database’s data. This creates a file called SQMDB.bak in the directory C:\Caliber_Backup.