Creating and Defining Baselines

Creating a baseline defines the baseline’s characteristics, not its contents. Once you have created a baseline, you must initialize it. That is, you have to populate the baseline with requirement information. You must be an administrator or a baseline administrator to create baselines.

Changes in attribute definitions are reflected in baselines. For instance, changing the parameters of the UDA type (ex: list of values for selection list UDAs) changes the respective attribute values for requirements included in baselines. If you must create a baseline with content that does not change, consider publishing Caliber baselines to StarTeam.

To create a baseline

  1. In Caliber, click Administration.
  2. Click New in the Baselines group. There are three tabs that contain information about the baseline: Properties, Signatories, and Signature Meaning.
  3. On the Properties tab:
    • Enter a name and description for the baseline.
    • If you want all users that are assigned or interested in a requirement to receive email notification when that requirement is added to or removed from the baseline, check the Send Baseline Maintenance Notifications via Email check box. The Lock Baseline check box is disabled when creating a new baseline. It only becomes enabled after you initialize the baseline.
  4. Click the Baseline Signatories tab. The tab displays a list of people, called signatories, who can sign a locked baseline. Click Modify to add users to the list. The Add Baseline Signatories dialog box is displayed.
  5. Select the users you want to add as signatories for the baseline:
    • To select signatories from existing members of the project, click the Members of this baseline’s project option button.
    • To select from signatories in an existing baseline, click the Signatories of the following baseline option button. The baseline drop-down list is enabled. Select the baseline that contains the signatories you want to add to the new baseline. The top pane contains all members of the project or existing signatories from an existing baseline. From this list, select the users you want to add as signatories by selecting the check box next to the user’s name. The bottom pane provides a preview of the signatory list.
  6. Click OK in the Add Baseline Signatories dialog box.
  7. Click the Signature Meaning tab.

    Each baseline has attached to it a list of signature meanings for electronic signatures. Each baseline must contain at least one signature meaning value. When a user “signs” a baseline, he/she selects a signature meaning for the signature. The default signature meaning is Approved.

  8. To create a new signature meaning, select a signature meaning in the list, and click either the Insert Before or Insert After button. You can also import signature meanings from other baselines. See the section below.
  9. Enter a name for the signature meaning in the blank list entry.
  10. Click OK to save the new baseline. Click the Save button to save the project. The New Baseline window closes automatically and the new baseline is listed in the Baseline drop-down list on the menu.

    When a baseline is saved, all signatories for the baseline receive email notification about the baseline.