Performing an Upgrade

To upgrade from Caliber 11.x to Caliber 11.5, start the installation media and install the components. Follow the wizard and choose to upgrade all installed components or select custom upgrade.

To upgrade from all other previous releases of Caliber, follow these instructions:

The Caliber upgrade procedure requires that you upgrade Caliber server first and only after that, upgrade Caliber Visualize and Caliber Author.

Closely follow the upgrade procedures documented in this guide to ensure that there is no data loss.

If you need to restore backups of Caliber databases made with a previous release of Caliber, you must first restore the database using the same version of Caliber used to perform the backup, then upgrade to the 11.5 release (following the server upgrade section). Backup the database (under a new name not to overwrite your original backup) following this release backup, and follow the restore procedure documented in the online help.

Note: Caliber Administrator 11.5 can only administer an 11.5 server.