Assigning Attribute Values

User-defined attributes allow users to customize the data that is tracked and stored, thus helping fully define the requirement. An administrator assigns user-defined attributes during requirement type creation. The administrator also creates custom attribute tabs when user-defined attributes are present. The attributes appear in the tab set. Like other fields in a requirement definition, user-defined attributes must be assigned values.

To assign attribute values to a requirement:

  1. Select the requirement to which you want to assign values.
  2. Click the tab that contains user-defined attributes. This tab varies depending on the requirement type(s) selected for the project and the requirement type to which the requirement belongs.

    The tab displays all user-defined attributes for the requirement. For a description of the different attribute types, See related information on “Attribute Types”.

  3. Make the appropriate selections for each of the attributes.
  4. Save your changes by selecting Requirement > Save Changes from the menu.
  5. To delete changes, select Requirement > Cancel Changes from the menu.
  6. If the Comment dialog box is displayed, enter a comment about the change and click OK.