Creating traces between Caliber requirements and SCTM (2006 2007) test plans

To Create Traces Between Caliber Requirements and SCTM test plans

  1. Select the requirement and click the Traceability tab.

    Select the requirement and click modify button.

    Click the SilkCentral tab.

    Double click the URL. Or right click on the context menu and click change login configuration to log on to the SCTM server.

  2. Enter User name and Password and click OK.
  3. Select an item in the tree and right click and select Trace From or Trace To button on the context menu to modify the direction of the trace.
    Note: When you select 'trace to' filter for SCTM trace in the Requirement Grid, the trace does not get displayed. This is the limitation of the functionality.
  4. Right click on View Test Definition Details, the Test Definition Properties Dialog box opens up and displays information on a particular test definition. This information is retrieved from the SCTM every time the user clicks on View Test Definition Details.
  5. Click the Save As button to save the trace.
  6. Click on the traceability tab
The status of the Test Manager artifacts are displayed under the external status column of the Traceability tab.