Enabling traceability to SCTM

To enable traceability to SCTM

  1. Click the External Traceability tab.
  2. From the Disabled section, select SCTM application to enable traceability and click the Move Left button to move that option to the Enabled section.
  3. Click the Edit button. The Edit Integration dialog appears.
  4. Click the Modify button for configuration. Check that Configuration for SCTM integration text editor appears.
  5. For first time, it is empty. Enter <FrontendServer version='xx.x'>http://<hostname>:<port>/AlmServices1.0/services</FrontendServer>, where xx.x is the SCTM version.
    Note: If the server address or port is invalid, an error message appears when you attempt to connect to SCTM. If you enter the server address of the SCTM server that is switched off, the message “Server is not available” appears.
  6. Click OK to configure the SCTM server.
  7. Choose File > Save > Changes from the menu.
Note: Traces can only be created in SCTM and published from SCTM to Caliber during project synchronization process. There is no functionality within Caliber to create traces to SCTM. Therefore, one must have a synchronized project between SCTM and Caliber before creating traces in SCTM to Caliber.