Comparing Baselines

You can compare baselines to review baseline changes or project progress.

To compare two baselines:

  1. Click Administration > Compare Baselines . The Compare Baselines dialog box is displayed.
    Note: You can also select Tools > Baseline Signatures , then click the Compare Baselines button in the Baseline Signatures window to access the Compare Baselines dialog box.
  2. Select the two baselines you want to compare from the respective drop-down lists.
  3. Click OK. A comparison of the baselines is displayed in an .html file.
  4. To show the requirements in a grid, select the Show Grid check box.
  5. You can select one of three ways to view the data:
    • Show Baseline Comparison: Displays differences according to the hierarchical structure of the requirements.
    • Show Only Baseline Differences Grouped by Requirement Type: Displays differences by requirement type.
    • Show Only Baseline Differences Grouped by Difference Type: Displays differences by difference type.
    • Missing: A requirement exists in one baseline, but not the other. When you compare the two baselines, you will notice that the requirements items that are displayed under the missing requirement node are found missing in the other baseline.
    • Moved: A requirement has been moved.
    • Moved and Versioned: A requirement has been moved and is a different version.
    • Versioned: A requirement is a different version.
  6. Select File Print and follow normal Windows printing procedures to print the report.